Journal Articles

Job Market Paper:

Seigniorage in the Civil War South [with Bryan Cutsinger]. Explorations in Economic History, (2019).

Working Papers

The Myth of Worker Exploitation in the Chinese Manufacturing Sector (with Li Peng)

Testing the Alchian-Allen Theorem: Another Look at Behavior in the Gasoline Market

Works In Progress

Assignats or Death (with Bryan Cutsinger and Louis Rouanet)

Scandal (with Slade Mendenhall)

Research Statement:

My research program centers on monetary history. However, it is impossible to isolate monetary history from political economics and the organization of political institutions. Thus, while my focus is on monetary history, my research considers relevant political and institutional frameworks.  To be more specific, my research focuses on monetary policy outcomes as well as the set of incentives and constraints of the underlying policy stakeholders. This twin approach has guided my research on monetary history and offers a promising research agenda. Read more>