Teaching Philosophy:

There are three principles which guide my undergraduate pedagogy: First, I attempt to make economics relatable by explaining the subject beyond the classroom, enabling students to recognize the way economics impacts their daily lives, their collective history, and their future ambitions.  Second, I use different teaching approaches to engage students; incorporating video, group discussion, contests, projects, selective texts, as well as lectures.  Finally, I dedicate myself to teaching as a distinct craft from the discipline of economics, making myself available, believing in each student, and supporting their achievement. Read more>

Diversity Statement:

Embracing diversity, as a requisite to living a happy, ethical, and successful life, was nurtured by my family history, where poverty, immigration, and victimization were overcome with partnership, determination, and a commitment to inclusivity. Read more>


ECON 345: Econometrics (Syllabus) (Evaluations: Fall 2017 | Spring 2018 | Summer 2018)
ECON 103: Principles of Microeconomics (Syllabus) (Evaluations: Spring 2019)

Econometrics | GMU | Summer 2018